Signal Strike is a hard dance music artist alias started by Alexandros Raikos in Athens, Greece. Signal Strike is dedicated to bringing quality to the forefront in original hard dance music productions. The scope of this endeavour is to become a crucial core component of the hard dance music scene, and armed with a decade of prior experience and in studying and experiencing the consistent global evolution of the hard dance genre. Music is not only an inseperable part of life, but one that truly defines the moments that, in turn, define us. The grandiosity and character-defining energy and emotionality of the hard dance music genre is a perfect compliment to the modern day human experience.

The Origins

Read on below to learn more about the origins of Signal Strike, the artist alias and how this love for hard dance music emerged.

Act I: Tunerz (2010-2013)

Tunerz was the first act, figuratively and literally speaking. I started making mixes on VirtualDJ in late 2009, then obsessively followed every available hardstyle production tutorial on 480p YouTube with my newly released FL Studio 9. Not a lot of music was released, since I was trying to understand the basics. The dream started taking form.

Act II: DEVIZE (2013-2017)

I started working under the DEVIZE alias in early 2013, enacting a conscious breakout from self-limiting thoughts and production norms to start building a real identity. DEVIZE represents four of the most consequential years in my music making path. I signed and released "Future" and I went on to become the first official Greek live hardstyle performing artist. Although these wins were significant, I was a wreck both emotionally and psychologically. Parts of my life consumed my thoughts and I couldn't hide behind a DAW anymore. After DEVIZE, I had to begin anew.

Act III: Signal Strike (2017 - Today)

After I finally picked up the pieces and started earning a stable income as a computer scientist, I made a decisive move to begin again with Signal Strike. Armed with an unending love for hard dance music, with lessons from a troubled past, with a fresh perspective and a hunger to shape this amazing future, I'm driven to create music from the heart.

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